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Baby's First Year and Beyond

A Bright Sunset Beach Session at Greenwich Beach with the Abergel Family


This is one of many times I’ve had the pleasure of photographing the Abergel family. This family has a wall dedicated to images I’ve taken since Alice’s newborn session – one image per session. Clients for life!

Here’s a favorite from their 2020 beach session:

A beach image from a 2020 family beach portrait session with the Abergel family. The family's two girls walk along a rocky beach on a cloudy day at Tod's Point.

And a family portrait from their 2021 fall foliage session:

A family of four is photographed during a fall foliage family session in the fall of 2021. Mom and Dad each hold onto one of their daughters, all four of them smiling at the camera.

Let’s move on to their most recent beach session! Each summer we spend time together at Greenwich Beach, so the Abergel family is familiar with the ever-changing weather we enjoy here on the Connecticut coast. I loved this particular session because they light was super bright and golden and it kissed the images just perfectly.

Mom did a wonderful job outfitting her family, and I especially loved the girls’ feminine outfits! I always suggest a range of textures for any family photo session, but especially those we photograph on the beach. A variety of textures gives me more freedom as a photographer, and adds a timeless look to your photographs.

Some of my favorite images from this session include the water, as well. I loved how the setting sun gave the water this very deep glow. It made for an almost-tangible vibe, as if the pictures are going to spring to life! If you allow your subjects to turn toward the sun, you’ll get the most delightful contrast in your images, colorful and crisp. I include a few of these portraits in my family photo sessions at the beach, along with my more traditional poses and images photographed in my favorite spots to capture candids. I love challenging myself and include more variety in my images so I can provide my clients with exquisite, unique galleries.

Scroll down to see a selection of my favorite photos from this family beach portrait session at Greenwich Beach. Summer beach sessions are some of my favorites!

Big sister picks up her little sister (who's not much smaller than she is!) in the soft sand at Greenwich Beach, Connecticut. The setting sun behind them gives the picture a golden glow.

Two little girls in brown, white, and minty green autumn neutrals, run on the smooth beach as their dad walks and smiles behind them, the sun setting over the beach grasses at Tod's Point.
Two young sisters give each other hugs as they stand barefoot in the sand at Greenwich Beach. Their parents are out of focus in the background behind them, holding hands and smiling.
Beautiful coastal portrait of a young girl with very curly, auburn hair cascading down her shoulders. The sunlight reflects off her face, eyes, and even eyelashes, and the dark blue ocean is behind her.
A little girl with strawberry blonde hair smirks at the camera as the wind blows her wispy hair in front of her face. The ocean glows gray-blue behind her.
A smiling dad holds his little girls in his arms as one pulls him in to give him a kiss on the cheek. The other little girl smiles at her dad and little sister, the ocean waves lapping gently in the background.
A smiling mom embraces her two girls as they each kiss her on the cheek, the Atlantic ocean shines blue in the background. The trio are perfectly sun kissed by the setting sun they face!
Two little girls run on the dark sandy beach of Tod's Point, coastal rocks, homes, and beach grasses dotting the background. The sky shines bright blue despite the setting sun, and the girls appear as carefree as can be!

“Life does not come with instructions on how to live, but it does come with trees, sunsets, smiles and laughter …” – Debbie Shapiro