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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Wood Family Beach Portraits


This family! I absolutely love it when I get to photograph a family time and time again, and especially when some of those portrait sessions happen at the beach.

Here’s an image from Ryan’s newborn session with big brother Michael:

A family of four is classically photographed at the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Below is a favorite from Ryan’s baby milestone session:

A chunky baby sits up on a white wooden plank floor, wearing seersucker suspenders. The baby has fuzzy hair and a big smile on his face.

And here’s one from Ethan’s baby milestone session!

A Gerber-looking baby with short hair and big, dark eyes, looks expressively at the camera. The baby sits with ankles crossed in a baby sized overstuffed creamy leather chair against a white backdrop.

Here in Greenwich, the coastline stays pretty clear during the golden hour, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to photograph a family beach session with some privacy.

Sunset is one of my favorite times to shoot, for so many reasons. There is a peace in the air of the coast as the day winds down. The cool sand, the tousled hair – it all works beautifully for a family session at the beach. You also have the added bonus of hardly anyone being on the beach in the evening. You’re almost completely alone to laugh and play as a family.

The Wood family wanted to document their growing family in a special way. Our only prop was a textured white blanket, and of course we ended the session with some splashing! I loved the simple styling for the family and, of course, the opportunity to photograph Mom and Dad – just the two of them. Family beach sessions are the best!

When people ask me what to wear for a sunset family beach session, I always recommend that they wear whatever they’re most confident in. A laid back polo and chinos is a timeless and classic look that won’t go out of style. Add a dash of bare feet and as many candid smiles as the family will let free, and we’re golden! For this session, I made sure to give all the boys plenty of time to roam the craggy coastline and play in the dune grasses, too. I love incorporating candid images into my more guided gallery, too, because the purpose of these sessions is to show a stage in life!

Below you’ll find a selection of my favorite images from the Wood family’s beach session. As always, thank you for being here!

A family of five smiles as they stand in the sand of the beach in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dad, mom, and their three boys look like a classic, happy American family.
Three young, all-American boys sit in the sand at Greenwich Beach for a classic childhood portrait.
Three young brothers laugh on the beach at sunset, Greenwich, Connecticut. The boys sit on a white blanket and are making silly faces and expressions.
An all American family of five is photographed along Greenwich Beach at sunset. Gentle waves lap the coastline behind them and beachgoers and trees are visible in the distance.
Three young boys with sandy hair sit in the sand at Greenwich Beach. Two of the boys have dune grass in their hands, while the other plays with the sand at his feet. Behind them are dune grasses and the waterline in the distance.
Two young brothers jump in the waves at Greenwich Beach. Behind them a classic beach fence and weathered trees are framed by the light of the setting sun.
A mom thicky, shiny dark hair holds the hand of her toddler son and smiles down at him. The pair are standing in the shallow water of Greenwich Beach and the little boy smiles broadly, the hem of his shorts wet with saltwater.
Three young brothers with sandy hair, dressed in classic American outfits of polo shirts with chino shorts, skip rocks into the Atlantic ocean at Greenwich, Connecticut.
A sweet moment between a husband and wife is captured on camera. The pair smile and laugh with each other as they stand in the shallow water at Greenwich Beach, the setting sun giving a wonderful glow to their faces.

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” – George Bernard Shaw