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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Heath Family Beach Session – Summer Family Photos – Greenwich Beach


Greenwich Beach is such a beautiful place for a family photo session in the summer! I love the weather this time of year – it makes a family portrait session delightful and fun!

One of my favorite things about this family is their easygoing nature. I’ve worked with them several times before, including for Taylor’s maternity and newborn sessions, and they’re just laid back. Mom is always charming and calm, and Dad is so supportive. Those personality qualities sure come in handy when it comes to corralling two young children for a family photo session!

Mom did such a wonderful job coordinating the outfits for her family’s summer portraits. I always suggest to my photography clients that they coordinate (as opposed to outright match), with variations on a color theme and different textures and shades. Something I always point out about clothing – especially for families – is to keep the bolder colors to a minimum on the beach. Neutral and organic is the way to go! And for us photographers, white acts as a natural reflector so it tends to be helpful in outdoor settings (again, as long as there isn’t too much of it). And how adorable is baby Logan‘s chambray playsuit? I LOVE it. It’s practical for an on-the-move baby, and stylish too.

A family of four is photographed at Greenwich Beach for a classic summer family photo session. The golden sun sets behind them and the family are framed by wild beach grasses in the background.
A proud big sister holds her baby brother (who is almost as big as she is!) in her lap as the pair sit on a folded white textured beach blanket, on the soft sands of Greenwich Beach.
Beach portrait of an adorable tyke named Logan, who smiles mischievously at the camera with his dimpled smile and big blue eyes, his right hand turned outward playfully.
A family of four sit and kneel on a white blanket placed in the soft beach sand of Greenwich Beach, posing for a summer family portrait. The sun sets behind them and natural sun flare leaks into the portrait, giving it a beautiful glow.
A mother, classically dressed in New England style linen and chambray, walks along Greenwich Beach with her young daughter who wears a seersucker summer dress and a bright blue bow in her hair.
A Connecticut family of four walks along Greenwich Beach at the tideline, barefoot. Mom and Dad's hands are touching lightly as Dad carries the baby boy, and Mom walks, holding the little girl's hand. The parents smile down at their daughter.
A classic family beach photo. A family of four smile and look at the camera as the setting sun's glow bathes the family in beautiful light. Behind them, beach grasses, the Atlantic ocean, and a clear blue sky.
A family of four plays on the beach and in the water at Greenwich Beach. Dad holds their little girl, laughing with her, as Mom helps the baby boy walk in the waves.
A mother with long blonde hair, wearing a classic white linen shirt, playfully looks down at her baby boy, who looks up at her with a puzzled look on his face. The pair are standing in the shallow water of the Atlantic ocean.

I have to give a shout out to Mom’s beautiful linen shirt! I know summer is sometimes all about breezy dresses, and I love that, but this shirt photographed so amazingly. I love a good textured top, and this one worked out perfectly for her family photo session on the beach.

A dad wearing blue oxford and linen shorts walks along the beach, holding his little girl, who wears a seersucker dress tied in the back with a bow, and a blue bow in her hair. The little girl looks as if she's telling her dad something important, holding up her finger in front of his face and looking at him intently.
A baby boy wearing a sleeveless, button-up, chambray playsuit, walks seriously along Greenwich Beach. His mom (who's face is out of frame), holds onto his hands, letting him guide her through the shallow water.

“In summer, the song sings itself.” – William Carlos Williams

A little girl smiles for a beach portrait, looking as if she is about to twirl in her white and blue seersucker dress. She is framed by wild beach grasses, and a glowing, golden setting sun in the background.