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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Studio Family Newborn Session – Baby Kyrie, Greenwich, Connecticut


I have been photographing this delightful family for years and was thrilled when Stephanie contacted me to photograph newborn imagery for baby number two – another boy! The Desjardins family is fabulous to work with, and over the past few years I have been privileged to get to know and document their growing family here in Connecticut.

This couple is super grounded, and you can clearly see their family values of respect, kindness, and loyalty each and every time you interact with them.

I’ve loved working with this family for their newborn portrait sessions. You can view big brother Cameron’s newborn session right here! Kyrie’s newborn session might just be my favorite, though. Each time a great family adds a new family member, I’m just so eager to welcome them and offer a glimpse into the newest chapter of their lives. I especially loved the atmosphere in the studio on this particular day. And Cameron, so excited to be a big brother.

We ended our photo session with lots of laughter from this newly minted family of four. What a fantastic day!

African American newborn baby boy sleeping with his face on his right hand. The baby is lightly swaddled from the waist down in white, the swaddle trailing loosely behind him.
Black baby newborn portrait up close. The baby boy's darling facial features are visible, including curly tendrils around his forehead and ears.
Delightfully wrinkly newborn portrait of baby Kyrie in the Looking Up Photography studio, Greenwich, Connecticut. Photographed by Karen Kahn
A newborn baby boy with big, dark eyes, rests his head on his folded arms and looks inquisitively at the camera, one eyebrow raised as if to ask the photographer who she is.
Awake newborn portrait. A baby boy with dark, curly hair is lightly draped in a creamy colored blanket and photographed against an ivory backdrop.
Squishy little baby toes and feet. Is there anything better? Baby feet peek out from a lightly woven blanket and a thicker swaddling blanket, both in a cream color.
Proud big brother Cameron (4), smiles at the camera tentatively as he lies on an ivory flokati rug next to his newborn baby brother, Kyrie, who sleeps in a relaxed position, lightly swaddled.
Black father and newborn son portrait. Dad smiles gently and holds his swaddled newborn son in his hands, touching his son's forehead to his cheek.
Black mom and newborn son. A beautiful, smiling mom, proudly displays her newborn son for the camera. She holds her swaddled son in her hands, touching cheek to cheek.
Black family newborn photoshoot. Gorgeous family of four: dad, newborn son, big brother, mom, are photographed looking up from a flokati in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Black family portrait ideas. A smiling father and mother and their two young sons are photographed by Karen Kahn in her studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.

“You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” — NASA astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Sr.