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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Welcoming Abeer: A Studio Family Newborn Session


I am overjoyed to share the heartwarming story of Surbhi and Saurabh, as they celebrated the arrival of their first child, sweet little Abeer. As a professional newborn and family photographer with a portrait studio based in Greenwich, Connecticut, I had the incredible honor of capturing the essence of this special moment for the Nigam family.

Surbhi and Saurabh, a couple whose love story spans over a decade, met in 2009, dated for ten years, and tied the knot. Saurabh moved to the United States from India eight years ago, and now, they are embarking on the magical journey of parenthood.

A newborn baby boy is tightly swaddled in a textured white blanket. He lies on a white flokati in a rustic whitewashed wash basin, with a felted white heart laying next to him.
A newborn baby boy sleeps peacefully with his delicate hands folded across his stomach. He is lightly wrapped in a textured white blanket and lies on a light taupe colored flokati.

As we eagerly awaited Abeer’s arrival, Surbhi shared their vision for the nursery—a haven of light grey walls adorned with an accent wall, the final touch being a carefully chosen wallpaper. The contemporary and minimal design, with a touch of gold, echoed the family’s modern aesthetic. The nursery, designed with a subtle jungle theme, awaited the addition of Abeer.

The family’s goals for the final images included prints and a beautiful album, tangible keepsakes capturing the essence of this fleeting time in their lives. Surbhi and Saurabh expressed their desire to decorate specific areas of their home with these cherished memories.

A newborn baby boy with long, delicate arms, legs, fingers, and toes, lies in a relaxed sleeping pose in a whitewashed wash basin. He wears a traditional Indian black beaded bangle around his ankle.
A newborn baby boy with dark hair sleeps peacefully in a relaxed pose on a creamy, light brown colored flokati, lightly wrapped in a felted textured swaddle.

For Abeer’s baby-only portraits, Surbhi chose a palette of white and soft light browns—colors that would seamlessly complement the simplicity and elegance she envisioned. These hues, both calming and timeless, would set the stage for capturing Abeer’s newborn innocence.

As we discussed the session details, Surbhi emphasized a preference for simple and classic sets, favoring a style that would highlight the natural beauty of their newborn son.

A newborn baby boy with dark eyes and hair looks at the camera inquisitively, with almost a little smirk on his sweet face. He wears a baby blue onesie with embroidered moon, stars, and a cloud.
A new mama with long, lightly curled hair, holds her newborn son in her hands and smiles joyfully down at him. The pair are dressed in complementary neutrals.

Surbhi and Saurabh’s wardrobe choices mirrored their family’s modern aesthetic. Surbhi herself in a creamy-colored dress, with Saurabh in a white shirt. This thoughtful coordination would create a visual harmony, allowing the focus to remain on the genuine love and joy shared by the family.

The chosen color scheme of neutrals and touches of gold reflected not only the family’s style but also seamlessly integrated with their modern contemporary home décor.

A new dad holds his sleeping, swaddled, newborn son in his hands and happily holds him up to his face, touching noses with his sweet new bundle of joy.
A lovely young Indian couple hold their sleeping newborn son in their arms and look down at him, smiling, as the baby boy relaxes in his mother's arms. The trio are photographed by Karen Kahn, of Looking Up Photography.

As we prepared for the session, Surbhi and Saurabh’s commitment to values of kindness, integrity, and honesty resonated through our conversations. These values would undoubtedly shape the atmosphere of our time together, creating an environment of warmth and authenticity. The decision to have portraits done at this time was driven by the desire to capture the beauty of this phase, a chapter marked by anticipation, love, and the arrival of Abeer.

A young Indian couple hold their newborn son between them and kiss his cheeks as he sleeps, swaddled tightly in a textured white blanket. The trio are photographed at the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.
A new father and mother are photographed, backlit by the natural light of the Looking Up Photography studio. They hold their newborn son between them and look down at him, smiling.

The Nigam family discovered Looking Up Photography through Instagram, where they were drawn to my work, which resonated with their vision and style. The decision to choose Looking Up Photography was rooted in a connection with my approach—patient, helpful in planning, and committed to delivering exceptional work.

As we approached the session, there was a shared sense of excitement and anticipation. The Nigam family’s story was about to be beautifully etched in images, preserving the unique journey of Surbhi, Saurabh, and their bundle of joy, Abeer.

If you are ready to embark on your own journey of capturing family moments, whether it be newborn, maternity, or family sessions, reach out, and let’s create memories together.