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Baby's First Year and Beyond

New Beginnings with Hugo and Liam from Trumbull, CT: A Studio Family Twin Newborn Session


I’m thrilled to share a delightful tale of family, newborn twins, and celebration. Join me as we step into the world of Leah, Patrick, big sister Elodie (view Elodie’s newborn session here), and the newest additions to their family, baby boys Hugo and Liam. They came to my studio in Greenwich, CT all the way from Trumbull, CT.

As a seasoned newborn and family photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing the unique story of this growing family. We embarked on the newborn session, delicately balancing the artistry of capturing twin infants and the spirited energy of their charming big sister, Elodie (check out Elodie’s roaring ’20s themed cake smash session here).

Newborn twin boys, tightly wrapped in light blue, are photographed on a textured, light blue blanket square in a light colored bamboo basket. One of the baby boys is yawning.
A newborn twin boy sleeps peacefully, tightly swaddled in a soft, light blue blanket, on a white flokati. Photographed by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography

For the newborn session, Leah and Patrick expressed a vision of simplicity blended with a touch of color. The chosen palette of light blue, navy, and pale green set the stage for capturing the twins in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Leah’s preference for a pale blue wrap for the babies during portraits with parents and Elodie allowed for a cohesive and harmonious look, ensuring that the images would tell a story of unity and love.

A newborn twin boy with peach fuzz hair sleeps with his sweetly drooping mouth and chin resting on a light blue textured blanket, as he lies on a white flokati.
Twin boys are pictured sleeping peacefully together, one twin with his arm wrapped around the other, their opposing arms lightly resting across themselves as they touch hands.

Leah’s vision for the newborn session embraced both the traditional and the contemporary. A blend of classic cable knit blankets and other textures added depth and variety to the collection. The tighter swaddles, a preference over looser styles, showcased the newborns’ delicate features.

Specific poses and groupings, including family shots, Elodie with the boys, and individual portraits of Hugo and Liam, were carefully planned. Leah’s attention to detail and the inclusion of specific poses from reference photos added a personal touch to the session.

A twin boy is pictured sleeping at a a soft incline, on a light green blanket, with a pique-style light green blanket draped over him as he lies on his arms and hands.
A newborn twin boy is pictured awake, lying on a waffle knit light green blanket, looking slightly concerned as he stares to the left of the photo, photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio.

When asked about her dream newborn session, Leah charmingly responded, “Whatever we can get with 2 newborns and a 4 year old…”—a sentiment every parent of multiples can relate to. The essence of the session was to capture the authentic moments of their family, showcasing the love that naturally accompanies the arrival of twins.

Elodie’s contagious laughter, sparked by toddler humor and fueled by her current favorite tunes from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Disney classics, added an extra layer of joy to the session.

Four year-old big sister Elodie wears an eyelet dress and smiles with enthusiasm as she lies on a creamy colored flokati and holds her newborn twin brothers in either arm.
New twin parents Leah and Patrick hold one of their newborn twin boys and smile gently at the camera. The baby boy is wrapped in light blue and sleeps peacefully.

Leah’s candid sharing about her concerns and preferences before the session allowed for a tailored approach. Leah and her husband were met with gentle guidance and understanding, creating an environment where every member of the family could feel comfortable and authentic.

As we concluded the session, the anticipation of decorating their home with wall prints and creating a cherished album added an extra layer of excitement. The memories captured during these sessions would forever adorn their halls and bedroom, telling the story of a growing family.

If you’re ready to embark on your own journey of capturing family moments, whether it be newborn, milestone, or family sessions, reach out, and let’s create memories together.

Newborn twin boy mama and dad Leah and Patrick hold one of their twin boys in their arms and smile at the camera. The baby boy sleeps peacefully in Patrick's arms.
Newborn twin boy photo inspiration. New twin parents Patrick and Leah look at each other with love and amusement in their eyes, as each of them holds one of their newborn twin boys.
Newborn twin boys family photo inspiration. Parents Patrick and Leah each hold one of their newborn twin boys in their arms, as four year old big sister Elodie stands in the middle, smiling down at one of her new baby brothers.