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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Love in Shades of Blue: Mateo’s Family Newborn Session


I am absolutely thrilled to share Mateo’s newborn session. His family had a quick drive from Old Greenwich to my studio in Cos Cob.

Before we captured the session itself, proud mom Cindy, shared her vision for Mateo’s portraits. For the baby-only portraits, she chose a muted navy, creating an atmosphere of serenity and charm. This choice extended to the portraits with parents and siblings, where Mateo was delicately wrapped in creamy white.

Setting the Stage

For the newborn session set and props, Cindy expressed a desire for the creation of timeless portraits that would showcase Mateo’s innocence and beauty.

As we prepared for the session, Cindy had specific requests for poses, including the adorable image of Mateo’s tiny feet and toes. Additionally, she envisioned a series of portraits capturing the family’s love, including shots of the siblings looking at the baby, holding him, and timeless family moments.

Inspiration from Previous Sessions:

Cindy drew inspiration from previous newborn sessions showcased on the Looking Up Photography website and Instagram.

These inspirations played a crucial role in shaping the narrative of Mateo’s session, ensuring that the family’s unique story was told through the lens, mirroring the love and connection captured in those cherished images.

Creating the Dream Newborn Session:

Cindy’s dream newborn session centered around capturing Mateo surrounded by love, emphasizing the strong bond he already shares with his family. The chosen color palette of blue and neutral tones added a touch of simplicity, allowing Mateo’s natural baby essence to shine through.

The session unfolded in the studio, adorned with carefully selected props and backdrops to complement the chosen color scheme. The aim was to create an atmosphere of tranquility, where every click of the camera captured a moment of love, tenderness, and the adorable charm of newborn Mateo.

The Final Touch: Memories in Print and Album:

With the session beautifully captured, the family had their sights set on preserving these moments in tangible form. Cindy envisioned an album that would chronicle Mateo’s early days and wall prints that would adorn their home with love and warmth.

As we concluded the session, there was a shared sense of satisfaction and anticipation. The images, a blend of simplicity and elegance, would soon find their place in the family’s home, becoming a cherished testament to the love that defines this family.

If you are ready to embark on your own journey of capturing family moments, whether it be newborn, maternity, or family sessions, reach out, and let’s create memories together.

A newly minted family of five is photographed inside the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut, by Karen Kahn
A new mom and dad, and their three children, are classically photographed inside the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut
A beautiful new mother with long dark hair, is photographed inside the Looking Up Photography studio, smiling down sweetly at her newborn son
A new dad, wearing a silver watch and a white oxford shirt, closes his eyes and touches noses with his newborn baby son, who is sleeping in his hands, in the Looking Up Photography studio
A new mother and father hold their newborn son in between them and smile at the camera as they are photographed inside the Looking Up Photography studio
A beautiful silhouette-style portrait of a dad, mom, and their newborn baby son. Mom and dad look down at their son, smiling, as he snoozes in between them
Proud big brother Luca and big sister Mila hold their newborn baby brother, Mateo, and smile at the camera as they sit criss cross apple sauce on the floor of the Looking Up Photography studio
Newborn Mateo is photographed sleeping in a driftwood basket. He is wrapped in creamy white and wears a neutral striped stocking cap
A close-up portrait of newborn baby Mateo snoozing in a driftwood basket at the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut, photographed by Karen Kahn
The sweetest portrait of newborn baby Mateo's feet and toes peeking out from a loose knit creamy white blanket. In the background, you can see that baby Mateo is happy and awake
Newborn baby Mateo is photographed asleep, almost looking as if he is sleeping on the moon, as he is swaddled in navy and in a white washed basin bowl
A classic newborn baby portrait of baby Mateo, photographed in a heathered navy stocking cap, navy swaddle, on a blue blanket in the Looking Up Photography studio