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Baby's First Year and Beyond

A Symphony of Love and Lavender: Welcoming Baby Girl from Harrison, NY


I am delighted to share another session with the Livingston family, of Harrison, New York, who recently graced my studio in Greenwich, Connecticut, to celebrate the newest addition to their family – a precious baby girl draped in shades of lavender and blush, cerulean, and dreamy purply-blue.

Before we embark on this heartwarming journey of love and new beginnings, let’s revisit the cherished moments we created during big sister Blake’s newborn session, and the Livingston family’s 2022 beach session.

Blake’s Newborn Session
2022 Family Beach Session

Now, let’s dive into the magic of the Livingston’s family newborn session.

A newborn baby girl sleeps peacefully, her arms and hands folded underneath her as she lies on a plush, oversized knit blanket in pale purple. The baby wears a faux floral stretchy headband.
A newborn baby girl lies partially on her side on a plush knit blanket, which is on another, larger, ribbed blanket in a pale purple. She wears a stretchy floral headband of pale purple, blush, and white flowers.

The Livingstons brought their unique vision to the session, and we enveloped baby girl in a palette of lavender and blush, with cerulean, and purply blue. These tones set the stage for a session infused with tenderness, warmth, and an air of dreaminess.

A close up image of a newborn baby girl with pale features, wearing a blush, white, and lavender stretchy floral headband. She sleeps on a pale purple plush knit blanket.
A newborn baby girl sleeps in a rattan basket, loosely wrapped in cerulean and surrounded by a bed of lace in the same color. She wears a pale blue stretchy headband with blush and pale blue flowers.

Creating a harmonious composition, big sister Blake and mom wore pristine white, while dad chose a dashing charcoal gray. This carefully curated wardrobe selection not only complemented the chosen color palette but also added a touch of timelessness to the family’s portraits together.

A newborn baby girl sleeps with her hands folded underneath her chin. She is loosely wrapped in cerulean and sleeps on a "bed" of large lace in the same color.
A newborn baby girl is photographed swaddled in white, lying on what looks like a bed of cotton. She is surrounded by gorgeous hydrangea blooms in white and indigo.

As we moved through baby girl’s newborn session, my Cos Cob studio became a haven for love, laughter, and the celebration of family bonds. Every soft coo, gentle cradle, and loving gaze captured during the session spoke volumes about the Livingston legacy – love passing down.

Big sister Blake cradles her baby sister in her arms. The duo are adorned in white, with big sister Blake in a flutter sleeve dress and her baby sister swaddled in white.
Mama holds her newborn baby girl up to her nose, cradling her in her hands. Mama smiles gently at her darling new baby girl, and they are photographed against a white backdrop.

Big sister Blake, who once graced my studio as a newborn, now shone as a beacon of love and tenderness, embracing her new role with excitement. The images captured during the session immortalized a blossoming sisterhood, one I can’t wait to see grow.

Dad cradles his newborn baby girl in his hands, touching noses with her. Dad has a charcoal polo on, and his daughter is swaddled in white and wears a white floral headband.
New parents are happily photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Cos Cob, Greenwich, Connecticut. The duo hold their newborn baby girl in their hands.

The Livingston family’s journey with Looking Up Photography has been a tapestry woven with the threads of joy, love, and the beauty of nature. Our beach session, set against the backdrop of nature’s wonders, stands as a testament to the family’s appreciation for the simple joys and the profound beauty found in each moment.

A newly minted family of four is photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Cos Cob, Greenwich, Connecticut, and are photographed by Karen Kahn

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Cos Cob, Greenwich, my studio became the canvas for creating timeless memories for the Livingstons. The soft, natural light of the studio complemented the hues chosen for baby girl’s session, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the family to bask in the glow of their newest addition.

As we concluded this enchanting newborn session, the Livingstons left the studio with hearts full of love and a gallery of images capturing the essence of their growing family. The journey continues for the Livingstons, and I feel honored to have been a part of this beautiful chapter in their lives.