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Capturing Moments of Joy: The Rivera Family Beach Session


Greetings, dear readers! Today, I am thrilled to recount the delightful tale of the Rivera family’s beach session, an outdoor adventure filled with love, laughter, and timeless moments.

From Stamford to Greenwich, the Rivera family embarked on a very short day trip to capture the joyous milestone of their son Luke’s second birthday! Guided by the gentle waves and golden sands, we explored candid connections and genuine smiles.

A multicultural family of three smiles for the camera as they stand in the grassy dunes of a beautiful beach in Greenwich, Connecticut, in celebration of their son's 2nd birthday.

Cristina and Jay Rivera, a couple bound by love for over 13 years, were radiant against the backdrop of the sun-kissed beach. Clad in a polo shirt and a punchy, summery dress, they epitomized modern sophistication, effortlessly blending into the coastal charm of our surroundings.

A multicultural family of three are photographed along the beach in Greenwich, Connecticut, by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography, during the golden hour.
A little boy wearing an oxford shirt with rolled sleeves, navy chino shorts, and navy and green Keen shoes, stomps in the wave patterned sand on the Connecticut shoreline.

At the heart of our session was the star of the show – Luke Rivera, a vibrant two-year-old brimming with curiosity and boundless energy. Despite occasional sensory apprehensions with the sand, Luke’s infectious laughter echoed along the shoreline.

A multicultural family of three are photographed during the golden hour, along a Connecticut beach. Their long shadows dance playfully behind them, as the waves lap gently onto the sand.

As we walked along the sandy beach, our session unfolded with a delightful blend of directed poses and candid interactions. From Luke’s playful romps along the shoreline to tender family embraces against the setting sun, each frame captured the essence of the Rivera family’s genuine love and unwavering bond.

Two year-old Luke's dad tosses him high into the blue sky, arms outstretched to catch him safely. Luke's mom looks up from the side with a smile on her face.

For the Rivera family, the beach session was more than just a photoshoot – it was a celebration of their journey together as a couple and with Luke, and a testament to the values they hold dear.

The memories captured during our beach session will serve as cherished reminders of Luke’s spirited toddler years and the unbreakable bond shared by Cristina, Jay, and their beloved son.

For Cristina and Jay Rivera, choosing Looking Up Photography was more than just a decision – it was a leap of faith into the hands of a trusted photographer. With a commitment to patience, warmth, and creativity, we embarked on a collaborative journey to capture the true essence of their family’s unique story.

As I reflect on the Rivera family’s beach session, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to witness and preserve their precious moments of joy. To Cristina, Jay, and Luke – thank you for inviting me into your world and entrusting me with the task of capturing your beautiful family.