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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Capturing a Precious Beginning: Fallon’s Studio Newborn Session in Greenwich, Connecticut


Greetings! I am thrilled to share a heartwarming peek at a studio family newborn session for one of my favorite clients, the Hulsizer family from Trumbull, CT, as we welcomed their newest addition, baby girl Fallon, into the world. Nestled in the cozy ambiance of my studio in Greenwich, Connecticut, we captured the essence of family love and the delicate beauty of a newborn.

But before I show off a bit of Fallon’s newborn session, I want to encourage you to take a look at the radiant moments we created during Courtney’s maternity session with Fallon, and adorable big brother Cayden’s newborn session.

Maternity Session
Cayden’s Newborn Session

Now, let’s see some snippets of Fallon’s newborn session.

A newborn baby girl named Fallon is photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut; Fallon was photographed by Karen Kahn

As we prepared for Fallon’s session, the Hulsizers envisioned a palette of dusty pink and light purple – a gentle symphony of colors that echoed the softness of newborn bliss. These hues became the guiding stars for our set, wrapping, and prop selections.

For the set and props, dad Charles expressed a preference for a blend of classic simplicity and a dash of soft yet colorful flair. This perfectly aligned with my approach to newborn sessions, allowing us to create timeless photographs while infusing a touch of vibrancy through carefully selected props.

A close up photo of a newborn baby girl named Fallon. Fallon wears a floral crown of white and peachy pink beautifully crafted faux flowers, and lace wrapped delicately around her shoulder.
Newborn baby girl Fallon is photographed from above, with her legs tucked up underneath her. Fallon wears a delicate floral headband and her lace outfit is accented by an oversized blush pink bow.
Newborn baby girl Fallon is beautifully swaddled in lilac purple, lying on a chunky, oversized knit blanket in a flower shaped rattan basket, accented by faux eucalyptus and other greenery, against a white backdrop.
A closeup image of a premature newborn baby girl named Fallon. Fallon wears a faux floral headband with dusty pink flowers and lilac colored ranunculus.

Charles brought along a couple of floral props to the session – a birdcage adorned with flowers, and loose greenery. These delicate additions provided an elegant touch, adding a personal and meaningful layer to Fallon’s portraits.

In anticipation of Fallon’s session, the family selected a charming pink outfit for her – a tiny ensemble that they prayed would fit her perfectly. Given Fallon’s premature arrival, every detail of the session became a cherished moment, and her bashful pink outfit added a sprinkle of joy.

Big brother Cayden, wearing a light pink button-down shirt, shows off his dimples and smiles big as he lies next to his newborn baby sister, Fallon, on a plush white blanket.
A beautiful new mom with curly, strawberry blonde hair and pretty brown eyes, holds her newborn baby girl up to her face, so the pair are cheek to cheek.

As for the family’s wardrobe, Cayden looked so handsome in pale pink, while Courtney chose classic black attire and Charles went with a dove gray. Each wardrobe decision, a thoughtful consideration, contributed to the overall harmony of colors and emotions within the session.

Dad Charles holds his newborn baby girl Fallon up to his face so he can give her a sweet kiss on the check. Both dad and baby girl have their eyes closed, giving this portrait a particularly peaceful feeling.

The Hulsizers had a heartfelt request to recreate a special image from Cayden’s newborn session with his baby sister Fallon. This beautiful sentiment added a touch of nostalgia to the session, capturing the essence of sibling love and the continuity of family bonds.

In the heart of Greenwich, Connecticut, we captured some of Fallon’s first moments with her family. The studio, bathed in natural light, served as the perfect backdrop for the delicate hues and the blossoming love of the Hulsizer family.

Fallon’s newborn session wasn’t just about photographs; it was a celebration of new beginnings, shared laughter, and the remarkable journey of growing as a family.

As we concluded the session, the studio echoed with the joyous memories we had captured – a visual tapestry that will forever remind the Hulsizers of the beauty that unfolds in the moments of family love.

A newly minted family of four are photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in the Cos Cob neighborhood of Greenwich, Connecticut.