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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Lautersztain Family Beach Portrait Session


As a professional family photographer, there are certain sessions that touch my heart and soul, capturing the essence of love and togetherness. The Lautersztain family beach portrait session was one such cherished experience. Against the backdrop of sun-kissed beach grasses and gentle waves, I had the privilege of freezing moments of joy shared between this beautiful family. Through my lens, I witnessed genuine laughter, warm embraces, and the pure magic of their bond.

A Connecticut mother and her two young children are photographed in classically styled creams and whites, at Greenwich Beach, with sea grasses and the setting sun behind them.
A joyful Connecticut father holds his two young children in his arms. The trio laugh and giggle as they stand in the Greenwich Beach sand, a sun flare easing through the photograph, giving it light and depth.
A Northeastern mother and father, timelessly dressed, toss their two young children into the air at Greenwich Beach, and are photographed by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography

As the sun painted the horizon with hues of gold, the Lautersztain family stepped onto our sandy canvas. The children’s laughter was contagious as they chased the gentle waves, their gleeful smiles mirroring the boundless joy of the water. The sparkle in their eyes and the warmth exuded by the family made this family beach session blissful, and it was an absolute delight to witness and capture.

A Connecticut family of four are photographed during the Golden Hour along the Connecticut seaside. The family look straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad!
A young family of four creates footprints in the sand along the Connecticut coastline. The toddler brings his dad a yellow digger, as mom and sister run toward the water.

Mom specifically requested images amongst the swaying sea grass, and with the soft, golden light filtering through the blades, the scene was nothing short of perfect. As they stood together, their family connection radiated such a sense of love. I carefully composed each shot, capturing the organic beauty of their interactions, celebrating the richness of family life.

A Connecticut family of four explores the tidepools of the Connecticut coastline, carefully stepping through the water as warm, sunny bokeh highlights the all-American scene.
Mom and Dad finally get a moment alone to be photographed. It is so important for parents to be photographed without their children, too!

I followed them as they playfully dashed along the shoreline, capturing their infectious energy and carefree spirits. As the sun began its descent into the horizon, we concluded the session, a celebration of the most precious gift in life – family. I am honored to have preserved these cherished moments. To those seeking to capture the essence of their own families, I invite you to contact me.