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Reynolds Family Beach Session – 9 Reasons to Book a Beach Session with Looking Up Photography


If you’re anything like my family, you have summer on the brain all year long. You start planning amazing vacations, lengthy sunny days on the coast, and even just doing nothing in particular at all. As we dive into the lazy days of summer, I want to put a bug in your ear for something you might not have thought about – hiring me to document a dreamy day at the beach! Beach days are filled with some of the best things in life: the people you love, special memories, new discoveries for little ones, and often occasions to celebrate. Working with a professional photographer to capture your beach time is one of the very best things you can do for your family. I’m even going to say something a bit daring: I promise you’ll love our time together, too!

9 Reasons to Book a Beach Session

Beach Sessions Are So Much Fun!

As much as you enjoy having delightful beach pictures, you also want to relish your time with your family. My beach sessions are so much fun! I know how to make your children smile, how to make mamas feel beautiful, and how to make the entire beach session experience a blast!

A smiling, fair mom with long, strawberry blonde hair, tilts her head and smiles as she kneels in the sand with her two young children. The trio wear coordinating blue and white outfits.
A mother wearing a white and blue off-the-shoulder dress walks along a Connecticut beach with her young daughter and son. The trio's shadows extend out in front of them as if they are chasing their shadows.

Booking with Me is Easy!

I know that finding a photographer can seem like an inconvenience, but the Looking Up Photography process is incredibly simple. I will personally help you plan and even style our session. After our session, I’ll walk you through every step of the ordering process, so you receive your images seamlessly and without hassle. Hooray!

Photos Make the Best Travel Souvenirs or Decor Additions

If you’ve ventured to Connecticut for a summer getaway, your vacation pictures will likely be the piece of your time away from The City that you treasure most. Summer sessions allow you to decorate your home with images that evoke memories with the people you love. When you book a beach session with Looking Up Photography, you aren’t just allowing me to capture your summer memories, you’re also ensuring you’ll receive beautiful, heirloom quality works of art.

A mama with textured, light red hair and gray-blue eyes holds her young son (who looks so much like her!) in her arms. The pair are captured during the Golden Hour on a Connecticut beach.
A red-headed trio (a mama and her two young children) are bathed in Golden Hour lighting as they walk and splash in the water along the Connecticut coast.

I’m a Professional Photographer

Well, this is an obvious point, but it’s still worth mentioning. Hiring a professional photographer means you get it all: experience on location, “fancy” cameras and equipment, posing guidance, lighting knowledge, and more! As a professional photographer, I am able to most accurately capture your natural skin tones and the vibrant colors of you and the beautiful beach setting.

High Quality > Selfies

Touching on the point before, selfies absolutely have their place, and you should definitely take them with your family! But I can guarantee that exquisite, professional images will better capture the beach setting. Not only will I photograph your memories, but I will also photograph them gorgeously, in a way that is worthy of decorating the walls of your home.

The Whole Family Will Be in the Photos

Every family has their default photographer. If it’s you, you probably love taking pictures of your family, but it’s not always easy to get yourself in front of the camera as well! Getting photos of the whole family just isn’t easy to do. A set of images of the whole family together? Now that’s something to celebrate!

Get in Touch with That Model Side of You

It’s a fact that the majority of people just aren’t good at posing themselves for pictures. We stand, we smile, we have no idea what to do with our hands or where our best angles are. As a professional photographer, I’ll guide your poses while still capturing those candid, “in-between” moments!

A mother and her two young, red-headed children, walk along a rocky beach in Connecticut. A craggy outcropping is visible in the distance, and the family's footprints are imprinted in the sand.
A red-headed trio of mama, her young son and daughter, run happily along a Connecticut beach in the summertime. Behind them, rocks, sea life, and sailboats are visible in the distance.

Beach Sessions Are a Wonderful Way to Document Special Occasions

Romantic getaways, babymoons, graduations, milestone birthdays, professional achievements … What better way to celebrate and remember than with gorgeous beach images for the memory book?

Life Goes On – and Quickly

Like me, I’m sure you’ve read by now that you only have 18 summers with your children before they’re technically grown. And let me tell you from experience, children grow up faster than you think! When you look back at your beach images, you’ll be transported to seeing their eyes light up at the sight of a colorful sail on the horizon or hearing their giggle as they jumped over incoming waves. Capture the memories now – you won’t regret it!

I’d love to capture a beach session for your family!

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