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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Newborn Session for Baby Olivia with Her Family – Studio Fun in Greenwich, Connecticut


Let’s talk about a family newborn session in the studio! How many of you are brave enough to get the whole family ready for the day and go for a drive to have your photos taken with a newborn in tow? I know some of you are thinking you could never ever! Yet the majority of my clients opt for the studio setting for their growing families. There are so many advantages to having your family newborn portraits taken in the studio. For one, the timing is (within reason) completely up to you. No need to worry about sunscreen or rain or anything else weather-related! Second, there won’t be anyone else there except for me, your photographer. The studio is clean, and temperature controlled for your new bundle of joy, and there is room for little ones, doggos, and mom to take breaks. Also, there is something very peaceful about this first “outside” experience with your newborn. It’s almost magical. The studio is perfectly lit for a beautiful photo session.

This family is very special to me. I’ve been photographing them since their sweet boy Alexander was born. (You can peruse Alexander’s newborn session, here.) I remember being so excited to document all of those sweet newborn details that last for such a short time. I remember Alexander’s adorable chubby cheeks and his strong name. When you photograph a family over time, there is an element of comfort and ease that really comes through in their portraits. And I pride myself on that client/friend relationship!

Here are a selection of my favorite images from my latest session with this fabulous family.

A newborn baby girl is beautifully swaddled in gray lace. She lies on a chunky silvery gray blanket, layered in a flower shaped basket, placed on a gray flokati.
Newborn baby Olivia rests peacefully with her hands folded across her chest. She is lightly swaddled in gray and wears a matching, stretchy gray headband with a bow.
A newborn baby girl, Olivia, sleeps folded up like a little bean on a large, peachy pink pillow. She is lightly swaddled at the waist in a matching peachy pink, the swaddle blanket trailing behind her into the background of the image.
Newborn baby girl Olivia conducts an orchestra in her sleep. (At least, that's what her hand movements look like!) A peachy pink blanket is draped over her under her arms.
Big brother Alexander holds his newborn baby sister in his lap. He looks seriously off-camera. The pair sit on a light gray chair in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Dad touches noses with his newborn baby girl, Olivia. Olivia is layered in blankets of lace and sleeping peacefully as her dad holds her up to his face, smiling.
A beautiful new mom with dark eyes and hair smiles as she holds her sleeping newborn daughter up to her cheek. The baby girl sleeps comfortably, swaddled in lace.
Two new parents smile proudly as mom holds up their newborn baby girl in between them. The trio are all in white, wearing different textures to give the image depth and interest.
Mom and dad hold up their newborn daughter in between them and kiss her cheeks on each side. The kisses don't phase this sleepy newborn at all; she continues to snooze!
Dad, mom, and newborn baby girl Olivia are silhouetted by the natural light of the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Photographed by Karen Kahn
A newly minted family of four are photographed smiling and laughing (all except the newborn baby girl, who sleeps away), in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Newborn family portrait with dog inspiration. This family is photographed laughing, along with their newborn baby girl and their cockapoo, Mylo! Newborn family session with pet.

“It’s a good thing babies don’t give you a lot of time to think. You fall in love with them and when you realize how much they love you back, life is very simple.” – Anita Diamant