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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Alexander’s Studio Newborn Session


As a newborn photographer, my goal is to have a baby who sleeps through our session. I prep my clients. I give them information. Even if parents do everything to a T, every now and then I’ll photograph a baby who has a bit of a hard time settling in the studio. This is especially true for those clients who occasionally contact me after the baby is born, instead of several weeks in advance. Thankfully, I have plenty of tools and tricks I use to help baby settle as best I can. Every once in awhile, there are those babies that don’t want to sleep, but we still get amazing imagery no matter what!

Alexander was already a week old when his mom, Charlotte, contacted me. Charlotte and David are Irish! They moved stateside about a decade ago and Charlotte told me that newborn sessions aren’t very common in Ireland. Their family still live in Ireland and Charlotte discovered she really wanted to capture this time of the 3 of them, not only for themselves, but to share with their long distance family. I was able to get this family in the studio quickly so I agreed to do a studio newborn session. I can usually accommodate newborn sessions as long as I have room in my schedule.

Alexander was still very sleepy and our photos are of him sleeping. Actually, I’m almost certain he was asleep pretty much the whole time. My goal is always to keep my newborn clients happy, whether they’re awake or asleep!

We created some absolutely adorable images with Alexander. His drowsy, dreamy demeanor made my job that much easier, too! 

I loved working with this precious family! They were referrals from another client, and Charlotte also did her research on WestportMoms.com. I just love hearing that past clients recommend me as someone who’s understanding of new moms and who can make first-timers feel comfortable! But honestly, Charlotte, David, and Alexander all had such happy, go-with-the-flow attitudes. Oh! And I need to include big brother Mylo, the cockapoo. Mylo didn’t get flustered at all when dad picked him up for a photo with the whole family. Everyone rolled with the punches and it made for an amazingly delightful final gallery.


blue, aqua, soft green, and soft purple polka dot background; newborn baby wrapped in an open knit white swaddlenewborn baby boy swaddled in white with his hands and feet peeking out; white flokatinewborn baby boy details with his hands folded across himself; white muslin swaddleredhead newborn baby boy asleep on his hands; gray jersey backdrop; knit gray swaddlenewborn photo with family dog; newborn baby boy wrapped in white; white flokatismiling Irish mom holding her newborn son against her cheek; mother and baby are in whitenew dad in white shirt holding his son up and kissing his head; baby boy wrapped in whitenew father and mother dressed in white kissing their newborn baby boy who is being held between themsmiling new family of four; cockapoo, dad, mom, and baby boy; newborn family portrait with dogsilhouetted, backlit family newborn image; dad, mom, and baby boy asleep with his hand peeking out from the swaddle