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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Welcoming Baby Chloe: A Family Home Newborn Session in Greenwich Connecticut


Greetings, wonderful readers! Today, I am thrilled to share the heartwarming story of the Hung family’s in-home newborn session, capturing the joyous arrival of their newest family member, Baby Chloe. Join me as we explore the intimate moments and contemporary style that make this session a celebration of love, family, and the enchanting chaos that a newborn brings.

As a Greenwich, Connecticut-based photographer, having the opportunity to document these precious moments for local families is truly special. Grace, Joseph, their 5-year-old daughter, Emma, and the newest addition, Baby Chloe, graciously welcomed me into their home to create a gallery of images that beautifully narrate the beginning of a new chapter.

a sweet, newborn baby girl named Chloe, sleeps peacefully with her little hand emerging from her loosely wrapped swaddle, enveloped in shades of ivory
in this vertical newborn portrait, Baby Chloe sleeps peacefully with her hands resting in a relaxed way across her torso; she is lightly wrapped in ivory and wears a stretchy floral headband

Baby Chloe was the star of the show, a bundle of joy who has brought immeasurable happiness to the Hung family. From the moment I entered their home, it was evident that Chloe was not just a newborn; she was the heart around which this family’s love newly revolved.

The session unfolded in the familiar surroundings of the Hung home, capturing Chloe in her most comfortable and authentic state. Throughout her peaceful slumber, every sleepy expression became a treasured frame.

newborn baby Chloe sleeps on her folded arms, her face resting in as relaxed of a state as a newborn baby can be! she wears a white and ivory stretchy headband
five year-old big sister Emma happily lies on an ivory flokati with her arm around her newborn baby sister, Chloe. the girls wear shades of white and ivory

The Hung family and I curated a session that echoed the clean lines and comforting hues of their home decor. The choice of simple backgrounds and natural lighting complemented their aesthetic, creating images that felt both timeless and uniquely theirs.

The family’s preference for a blend of traditional and contemporary styles guided the session, resulting in a gallery that beautifully encapsulates the essence of their home and style.

a new mama with dark brown eyes lightly smiles as she rests her chin on the head of her newborn daughter, whose shock of black hair fluffs up into her mother's face
a proud new dad looks at the camera and slightly holds up his newborn baby girl as if to say, "look at her; isn't she lovely?" as his newborn daughter sleeps in his arms

Grace and Joseph’s commitment to a clean, modern look extended to their wardrobe choices for the session. Opting for neutral colors, particularly ivory, adding an element of elegance to the images. Baby Chloe, snug in her wraps and blankets, seamlessly blended with her family’s stylish ensembles.

The coherence in wardrobe choices not only highlighted the family’s unity but also added a touch of sophistication to the visual narrative.

new parents Grace and Joseph pose with their newborn daughter, Chloe; the trio are all styled in shades of white and ivory, and are photographed in their home by Karen Kahn
in this newborn photo from a unique perspective, the photographer's lens peers through the back of the heads of mom and dad, who hold their newborn baby girl in their hands and laps

Anticipating that these images would become cherished memories, the Hungs had specific areas in mind for displaying their newborn session portraits. The master bedroom and hallway were chosen as the canvas for these images, ensuring that every glance would be a reminder of the love that envelops their growing family.

The decision to decorate their home with these images speaks to the sentiment that these portraits are not just photographs but tangible expressions of their evolving family story.

a beautiful family of four, photographed in neutral textures of gauze and linen, sit in their northeastern home, exemplifying the modern-contemporary family
a beautiful family of four are photographed to celebrate the newest member of the family, Baby Chloe; the family are photographed by Karen Kahn, of Looking Up Photography

In every frame, the Hung family’s love, warmth, and support for one another were palpable. Whether it was Emma’s tender moments with her new sibling or the quiet, soothing interactions between Grace, Joseph, and Baby Chloe, each photograph encapsulated the essence of this special time.

The session was not just about creating visually stunning images; it was about freezing moments that tell the story of a family overflowing with love as they embrace their newest member.

Reflecting on their choice of photographer, Grace mentioned the positive experience from a previous family photo session. Returning to Looking Up Photography was a decision rooted in trust and the understanding that I could not only capture beautiful images but also make the family feel at ease.

Choosing a photographer who understands and enhances the family’s unique dynamics is crucial, and I’m honored the Hungs found that in me.

As I conclude, I am reminded of the power of photography to freeze fleeting moments in time. Baby Chloe, with her delicate features and the surrounding love of her family, has become timeless, and these images will serve as cherished keepsakes for years to come.

If you’re anticipating the arrival of a new family member and wish to capture these early moments in the comfort of your home, reach out, and let’s weave your unique story into a visual masterpiece.