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Special Studio Family Newborn Session – Baby Girl Hope


I LOVE the colors and unique elements of this session! When families ask me to incorporate special pieces representing who they are, I am of course happy to oblige. And this session is giving me all of the warm and fuzzy vibes, am I right? Mom’s detailed client questionnaire allowed us to perfectly coordinate a beautiful and one-of-a-kind session. Her choices for every aspect perfectly lent to the Looking Up Studio setting.

As it turns out, I was in the presence of greatness for this family newborn session! Mom Joy is a recent graduate of the Yale School of Management, and Dad, Dr. Nianshuang Wang is one of the key patent holders of the S-2P technology, which was successfully applied in at least five major COVID-19 vaccines, including Pfizer/BioNtech and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines, J&J’s AD26 vector-based vaccine, and Novavax and Sanofi/GSK’s recombinant protein-based vaccines. I mean, seriously. Wow! His story was highlighted in the book featured in this session, and has also been reported on by many reputable media outlets, including NPR.

Aside from the perfect accessories, I love the way this family interacted with each other. Mom and dad were so unaffected and authentic. I always try to capture stirring moments within the posed portraits and this family made that task simple! One of my favorite photos from this studio family newborn session has to be the final picture of the whole family lying together. Such real connection exudes from the portrait, and I know they’ll cherish the image forever.

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Dr. Nianshuang Wang family newborn session; a newborn baby girl sleeps on an infant sized overstuffed chair, with a Yale banner and bulldog, and the book A Shot to Save the World
A newborn baby girl wearing a dusty pink tutu with a big bow on the back, lies on her right hand with her mouth slightly open, sleeping on a chunky knit, light peach colored blanket. The baby and blanket are in a shabby chic wash basin, photographed against a white backdrop.

This photo really did it for me! The sweet but natural pose, and Baby Hope’s mouth slightly open as she slept. It melts my heart, as a mother! It can take some work to get a newborn baby comfortable during their photo session, especially in a studio setting, but it’s always well worth the effort. The soft, muted pink of the tutu and blanket and the perfect light I always have in the Looking Up Photography studio help imprint the beautiful memory of the earliest stage of childhood in these images.

A newborn baby girl with chunky cheeks lies her head on her hands and folded arms as she sleeps on a big, chunky knit, light pink blanket. The baby girl has a head full of dark hair and wears a stretchy maroon headband, accented with dusty florals. Her tutu poofs out behind her, framing the image.
A wrinkly, smooshy, newborn baby girl sleeps on her hands, curled up in an almost womb-like position. She is lightly draped with a pink swaddle and wears a raw cub pink bow headband. Her cheeks and mouth droop onto her shoulder - she's obviously completely relaxed!

Those cheeks!

A newborn baby girl is curled in a ball with her hands and feet all touching. She is lightly swaddled in an open-knit, dusty purple swaddle, and is framed by loose dusty pink yarn. She lies on a plum colored cushion in a rattan basket shaped like a flower. The newborn baby girl is photographed against a purple lace backdrop.
A proud big sister with a gap-toothed smile holds her newborn baby sister in her arms. The pair lie on a cream colored flokati rug. The big sister wears a white eyelet dress and little girls' jewelry, while her baby sister is lightly swaddled in light pink and wears a light pink bow.
A mama dressed in traditional celebratory red holds her newborn baby girl up to her face and they touch noses. The mom is smiling, and wears tortoiseshell glasses and a silky blue scrunci in her hair.
Proud father, COVID-19 scientist Dr. Nianshuang Wang, holds his newborn daughter up in his hands, with her head lightly resting on his cheek. Dr. Wang wears glasses and a white polo shirt, while his daughter is swaddled in pink and wears a pink bow.

I’m always happy to see such a proud papa in my studio! His smile was the perfect complement to a photo session at the Looking Up Photography studio.

A proud dad and husband kisses his smiling wife on the forehead as she looks down at their newborn baby girl, swaddled in pink with a pink bow on her head.
Proud mama and dada look peacefully down at their newborn daughter, who is being cradled in dad's hands. Her little newborn foot peeks out from the swaddle as she sleeps. Mama wears a red top while Dad wears a white polo.

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“Parents are living gods. They do everything to make their children happy and expect nothing in return.” –Saravana Kumar Murugan

A happy family of four are photographed for a newborn family session inside the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dad and big sister wear white, mom dresses in traditional red, and baby sister is tightly swaddled in pink (with one foot peeking out).
A happy family of four are photographed by Karen Kahn, in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dad, big sister, and mom look up and smile at the camera, while newborn baby girl Hope is cradled in big sister's right arm and sleeps peacefully, swaddled in pink, with a pink bow in her hair.

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