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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Landon – A Family Newborn Session at the Looking Up Photography Studio


Approximately 2 and a half years ago, I photographed this family as they welcomed their first child, Lily, into the world. Lily was such a beautiful newborn! (And may I say, Happy Half Birthday to Lily!)

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Little brother Landon recently joined the family, so mom Ashley reached out to me to photograph their family when he arrived. I love when I get to photograph repeat clients, and they are wonderful, referring clients of others! I was so excited to meet Mr. Landon. These special clients are such a warm family, and I just know Landon is going to be happy in his home!

Well, keep scrolling to see my take on traditional family newborn portraiture. There is something so timeless about studio imagery. I think you’re going to love this session! The photos from this studio family newborn session are so beautiful.

A newborn baby boy is lightly swaddled in cream as he lies on an ivory chunky knit blanket in a rustic washing bowl, against a soft white studio backdrop
A newborn baby boy lies asleep with his cheek resting on his right hand, on an oversized cream colored crochet blanket. The baby boy is lightly swaddled in ivory and placed in a shabby chic bowl, photographed against a soft white studio background
A newborn baby boy is photographed from above. He lies sleeping on his side in a farmhouse style basin bowl, on a white studio backdrop. The baby boy is lightly swaddled in cream, with the tail of the swaddled wrapped aesthetically against his back
Newborn baby boy Landon sleeps comfortably with his hands up, his left hand resting against the left side of his face. He is lightly swaddled in navy and lies on a navy blanket inside the studio of Connecticut newborn photographer Karen Kahn

Well, isn’t Landon just the most exquisite newborn. You can tell that he’s extremely comfortable with his new life! I adore his relaxed demeanor, which really helps me take fantastic photographs.

Newborn baby boy Landon lies sleeping in a classic newborn pose, swaddled with his arms and legs out, in a stretchy navy swaddle. He lies on a navy flokati in a driftwood basket, against a navy studio backdrop
Two and a half year-old big sister Lily, lightly kisses her newborn baby brother Landon on the head as she holds him protectively with her hands resting on him. The pair are photographed lying on a chunky white blanket in the Looking Up Photography studio
A Connecticut mom with long, straight hair proudly holds up her newborn son Landon, who is swaddled in white. Mom Ashley wears a creamy colored, silky button-down blouse and the pair are photographed against a flattering white studio background
A dad with a short, salt and pepper beard, wearing a blue checkered shirt, holds up his swaddled newborn son to his face and the pair touch noses

As for the details, often the flattering white of my studio works best, showing off the family and how they fit so perfectly together. Add in some amazing lighting from Mother Nature herself and a to-die-for gorgeous family and the results are pretty darn wonderful.

Proud parents hold up their newborn baby son in between them and smile. The newborn baby boy is swaddled in creamy white and has a serious expression on his face as he looks slightly off-camera
A newly minted family of four laughs together in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut, as they are photographed by Connecticut's Trusted Baby Photographer, Karen Kahn