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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Cherished Moments and Sibling Love: Natalie’s Newborn Session


Hello, wonderful readers! I am beyond excited to share the heartwarming story of Natalie’s newborn session, a beautiful chapter in the life of the loving family of Nicole, Ross, and their lively toddler, Tyler. This session was extra special because it marked the arrival of their newest family member, baby girl Natalie. The session took place in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, CT, a very special space where memories are made.

As I greeted the family, I was introduced to not just Natalie, but also reintroduced to her proud big brother Tyler, and their parents Nicole and Ross. The studio buzzed with excitement and anticipation, creating a perfect atmosphere for a session filled with love and laughter.

A newborn baby girl, tightly swaddled in dusty burgundy, is photographed wearing a stretchy floral headband, on a rumpled dusty rose linen sheet
Newborn baby girl lightly swaddled in dusty rose, photographed on a dusty pink flokati. Photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut

The color palette for Natalie’s portraits was carefully chosen – a blend of burgundy, dusty roses, and cream, reflecting the family’s simple and modern style, adorned with the tiniest touches of navy blue. Nicole envisioned Tyler in navy and Natalie in muted burgundy for their sibling portraits, a choice that beautifully complemented the studio’s clean backdrop.

The session started with the sibling portraits, followed by a series that included heartwarming images with parents. Tyler, with his high energy and love for music, provided moments of pure joy. Then, we moved on to individual portraits of Natalie, capturing her delicate features and the innocence that comes with new life.

A newborn baby girl, Natalie, is photographed on soft, light pink fabric, with her hands folded underneath the side of her face. She wears a light pink bow headband
A newborn baby girl, swaddled in soft ivory, is photographed on a chunky knit blanket square in a distressed milk bowl. Photographed by Karen Kahn in the Looking Up Photography studio

One of the most touching aspects of this session was the new bond between the siblings. We captured precious moments of Tyler gently interacting with his baby sister, his eyes filled with wonder. These images not only depicted a loving brother but also a family united by the arrival of their newest member. Nicole and Ross expressed their desire for simplicity, favoring classic setups and poses. Their dream session was less about elaborate props and more about capturing genuine moments of happiness and love. Their wish was to have timeless photographs, ones that showcased the essence of their family.

A newborn baby girl is photographed in shades of white and ivory, with her folded hands underneath her cheek. She sleeps softly on a chunky knit blanket
A mother holds up her newborn baby daughter to give her a kiss on the head. Her daughter is wrapped in a dusty burgundy swaddle and wears a floral headband

As we wrapped up the session, we discussed the family’s plans for the images. Nicole and Ross envisioned the pictures adorning the walls of their master bedroom and living room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. They had their eyes set on an album, a framed print, and a gallery wrap – products that will beautifully preserve these cherished memories for generations to come.

The choice to return to Looking Up Photography was rooted in their previous positive experience and the trust they had in the safety and professionalism of our sessions. Tyler’s comfort and security were paramount, and the family felt reassured in the studio. You can view Tyler’s newborn session by clicking here.

A dad holds his newborn daughter up to his face and touches noses with her. He proudly looks down at her little face cradled in his hands. Captured by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography
Siblings are photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio. Big brother wears a classic light chambray shirt and dark denim pants as he looks down at his new baby sister.

It is an honor to capture these memories and to be a part of their story. Thank you, Nicole and Ross, for allowing me to document this precious chapter in your lives. To my readers, I look forward to capturing your unique stories and creating timeless memories.

A mom and dad look down at their newborn baby girl, who is being cradled in her mom's arms. Mom and dad are both smiling down at their daughter, who is lightly awake
A mom with long, light brown hair, and a dad wearing a crisp white button-down shirt, hold their newborn baby girl in between them and kiss her on the cheek
A dad and mom are silhouetted in light as they hold their newborn baby girl, cradled, in between them. Photographed by Karen Kahn in the Looking Up Photography studio
A newly minted family of four is photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Mom, dad, and big brother smile, as baby sister sleeps in her mom's arms