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Capturing Love, Laughter, and Little Matteo: A Joyful Newborn Session


Hello, dear readers! It’s such a pleasure to share another heartwarming newborn session with you all. Recently, I had the absolute delight of photographing baby Matteo, a bundle of joy welcomed by his loving parents, Desirae and Phillip. As they stepped into my cozy Greenwich photography studio, I could feel the warmth and happiness that filled the air, setting the perfect atmosphere for our session.

Newborn baby Matteo lies with his hands and feet folded, lightly swaddled in an open knit swaddle, on a creamy textured blanket in the Looking Up Photography Studio
Newborn baby Matteo, with his fuzzy arms and back, and head full of hair, sleeps on his tummy with his mouth slightly open, looking very relaxed, photographed by Karen Kahn

I send a client questionnaire to help prepare for my sessions, so Desirae and Phillip had a chance to share their vision for the session. They envisioned a blend of simplicity and vibrancy, incorporating shades of cream and light antique blue for Matteo’s portraits. The choice reflected the serene farmhouse atmosphere of their home, juxtaposed beautifully with the ocean-themed nursery they had lovingly prepared for their little one.

Matteo, perfectly sleepy and with those tiny fingers, was an absolute delight to photograph. His parents, Desirae and Phillip, radiated love and pride, making every frame a testament to their joy. We started with the baby-only portraits, embracing the subtle hues of cream and antique blue that beautifully complemented Matteo’s delicate features.

A farmhouse style newborn portrait, with newborn Matteo tightly swaddled in light blue, lies on a chunky knit, dusty blue blanket square in a driftwood basket, against a white backdrop
Smiling newborn baby boy appears to be smiling in his sleep. Baby Matteo is tightly swaddled in a gauzy, light blue swaddle, and a felted blue heart sits offset in the photo frame, giving the portrait a whimsical look.

One of the special moments we captured was the Christmas picture Desirae had envisioned. Wrapped in a soft red blanket, Matteo looked like a tiny present, bringing holiday cheer to their session. We also captured heartwarming moments with mom and dad, their smiles reflecting the immense love they have for their little one.

Desirae, in her elegant white sweater, and Phillip, in his classic white button-down and oatmeal heather pullover, looked effortlessly stylish. Their choice of attire will perfectly harmonize with the farmhouse aesthetic of their home. It was easy to capture the love and connection that this couple shares, a bond that has clearly blossomed over five wonderful years. It was a testament to the beautiful journey they have embarked upon together.

Newborn baby Matteo is photographed lying relaxed in a driftwood basket lined with a chunky knit blue square. Next to him is the very first photo of him in his mom's womb.
Christmas themed newborn portrait photographed by Karen Kahn, of Looking Up Photography, Greenwich, Connecticut

We discussed their plans for displaying these cherished memories. Desirae and Phillip envision their living room adorned with these beautiful images. Additionally, Matteo’s nursery, with its ocean-themed décor, will display these precious moments, accenting the serene ambiance they’ve created for their little one.

Desirae and Phillip discovered Looking Up Photography through Google, and their decision was based on the portfolio they found here on my website. They were looking for a photographer who embodied patience, a quality I strive to bring to every session. Their choice reaffirms my commitment to capturing not just images but emotions, creating timeless memories that families can treasure forever.

A newborn baby boy is photographed being held by his mom, who lifts him up to her face so she can kiss him. The pair match in different ivory textures, and are photographed against a white background
A newborn baby boy is photographed by Karen Kahn, in the Looking Up Photography studio. Matteo's dad holds him up so the pair are photographed cheek to cheek.

As I bid farewell to this wonderful family, I felt a profound sense of gratitude. Grateful to have been entrusted with capturing these intimate moments, grateful to witness the love that bound them together, and grateful to be part of their journey.

Thank you, Desirae, Phillip, and sweet baby Matteo, for allowing me to capture your love. It was a session filled with joy, and I am honored to have captured it.

A new family of 3 is photographed by Karen Kahn in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut. Mom and dad smile down gently at their newborn baby boy
Silhouetted portrait of a new dad, mom, and their newborn baby boy, Matteo. The trio are photographed in the Looking Up Photography studio in Greenwich, Connecticut