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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Baby's 1st year baby Milestone Sessions

Our babies grow up soo fast! Ever since the day that we hold them in our arms for the first time, the clock seems to move faster and faster with each passing day. What seems like just yesterday was really six months ago, and our helpless little bundle of joy is starting to learn to […]

Baby girl posed with red tutu and red flower headband in gorgeous basket in front of twinkle lights for holiday themed newborn portrait session

If I had to pick something to do for the rest of my life, chances are it would be newborn photography. It’s the perfect blend of each of my greatest passions, from setting up a scene, to working out the best way to capture those tiny features, all the way to the time spent with the […]

Portrait session aerial view of baby girl laying on peach fuzzy blanket and pink flower headband for 4 month milestone

 There’s a wonderful beauty seen when you can watch someone’s unique story unfold before your eyes. I’ve had the amazing joy of witnessing my beautiful friend and her gorgeous child grow together over time, from maternity now into her child’s first birthday. She has chosen to have me capture her daughter’s three milestones – 4, […]

Aerial view of precious baby boy laying on gray furry rug with a gray knit hat for 3 month milestone portrait session

Some of the most precious things on this planet are little humans. A close second are those who take care of these little ones; the joy that’s spread across their faces when they watch their babies “pose” for the camera is one of my favorite sights. That joy is what makes Baby Milestone Sessions so […]