Diaper Drive

Looking Up Photography is so excited to partner with Mothers for Others for this passion project!! Bring a diaper donation to your session with Karen and receive a complimentary 8x10 print!!

• The average cost to diaper one child is almost $1000 per year
• There is no federal or state assistance for the purchase of diapers
• Nearly 1 in 3 American families struggle to afford diapers
• 3 in 5 parents miss work or school because they can’t afford the diapers required to leave their baby in Childcare

Mothers for Others supports the well-being of low and limited income families by providing diapers for children from birth to three years old. It is the largest independent diaper bank in Fairfield County, and the only dedicated diaper bank serving the town of Greenwich. Mothers for Others works in partnership with Children's Learning Centers, Family Centers, the Greenwich Department of Human Services, Inspirica, Kids in Crisis, Malta House, Person to Person, Jewish Family Services of Greenwich, the YWCA Greenwich and The Diaper Bank of Connecticut to serve close to 600 children each month.

Mothers for Others provides a critical service to young families, and is an essential partner of various human service organizations throughout lower Fairfield County.

Having access to a sufficient supply of diapers is critical to the physical and mental well-being of babies, toddlers, and their caregivers. An ample supply of diapers means children are at far lower risk of health issues that can be caused by a lack of diapers, such as diaper dermatitis (severe diaper rash), and staph and urinary tract infections. When children are dry and healthy, they are able to consistently attend day care, they sleep better, and they cry less often. With the assistance of a week’s supply of diapers each month, parents and caregivers avoid going into debt to pay for diapers, can use income or benefits for other needs (rent, food, clothing), go to or look for work, or attend school or job training. There is a mental health benefit, as well – when parents and caregivers have a sufficient supply of diapers, they report a reduction in stress, depression, and anxiety, and an improved sense of capability in caring for their children.


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