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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Capturing Joy and Togetherness: The Carter Family’s Home Session in Greenwich, CT


I am thrilled to share the heartwarming story of the Carter family’s home session. As a professional newborn and family photographer, it’s always a joy to document the love and laughter that fills a home, and the Carters were no exception.

The session included Alice, Kieran, the spirited Theo at 3.5 years old, and the adorable 9-month-old Evie. From the moment I entered their beautiful home, designed with a touch of modern farmhouse elegance (check it out here), I could feel the warmth that radiated from this loving family.

Styling and Location:

For this session, we chose to capture the family in “the big white room” and the navy bed-adorned bedroom. Alice expressed a preference for a mix of formal and candid shots, reflecting their relaxed and happy vibe. The session unfolded organically, with poses directed by me but also allowing for spontaneous moments of laughter and connection. The goal was to capture not just smiles at the camera but the genuine joy and interactions that define this family.

Family Values and Portrait Vision:

The Carter family’s values of kindness, understanding, and honesty were evident throughout the session. Evie’s infectious laughter filled the air, while Theo, at the tender age of 3, showcased a more cautious yet endearing demeanor. Making him laugh became a delightful challenge, employing tactics like funny faces, tickles, or simply telling him not to smile.

As we transitioned from room to room, capturing moments of play, laughter, and tenderness, I couldn’t help but marvel at the unique dynamics that make the Carter family special. These are the moments that paint a vivid picture of their values and the love that binds them together.

Styling and Wardrobe Choices:

The goal was to strike a balance between casual and chic, reflecting their personal style. As we moved seamlessly through the session, I made sure to capture a variety of shots, including precious moments with just Evie, some with both siblings, and of course, the whole family coming together. The result was a collection that beautifully encapsulated the Carter family’s genuine connection and their relaxed, happy vibe.

Why Looking Up Photography:

Choosing a photographer is a deeply personal decision, and for the Carters, it was a reunion. Having worked with Looking Up Photography for Theo’s portraits at 7 months, the family returned for Evie’s milestone session. The familiarity, coupled with the ability to capture their relaxed and happy essence, made it an easy choice.

As the session wrapped up, I felt a sense of gratitude for being entrusted with the task of freezing these fleeting moments in time. To the Carter family, thank you for opening your home and hearts to the lens, allowing me to document the beauty of your journey.

If you are ready to capture your family’s story in a way that feels uniquely yours, reach out, and let’s plan a session that celebrates the essence of your family.

a Connecticut family of four sits on a styled, beige, textured couch in their Greenwich home, photographed by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography
a family of four are photographed in their Connecticut home by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography; mom and dad smile at the camera as do their two young children
a smiling mom with vibrant red hair is photographed with her two young children, in her Connecticut home, styled by Cara Devine
a Connecticut dad is photographed with his two young children in their home, styled by Cara Devine, and photographed by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography
a 9-month-old little girl is photographed clapping her hands in mid-air for a milestone session in her family's home in Greenwich, Connecticut
a 3-year-old boy wearing a classic New England style outfit of chino shorts and a pastel madras plaid button down shirt is photographed in his family's home
A Connecticut mom and dad smile at each other, looking over their 9-month-old baby girl, who smiles with her mouth wide open, sitting on her parents' laps
a 3-year-old boy and his 9-month-old little sister are photographed jumping on the styled bed of their parents' modern farmhouse style Connecticut home
a 9-month-old baby girl is photographed for her milestone session, sitting in the foreground of a family portrait, as her mom, dad, and big brother sit happily in the background