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Baby's First Year and Beyond

Capturing Autumn’s Beauty: A Delightful Family Foliage Session with the Delearys in Greenwich, Connecticut


The Deleary family is my most photographed client! From their engagement session to their civil wedding ceremony in Greenwich, to their maternity session for their first born, newborn session of their first born, baby milestone session, cake smash session, two family sessions, and then maternity session for their second born, newborn session for their second born, baby milestone session, and cake smash session … until last year’s Fall Foliage session! Whew!

Today, lovely readers, I want to take you on a heartwarming journey through time, highlighting a family that has become the embodiment of that aforementioned phrase: “my most photographed client”. The Deleary family has allowed me the incredible privilege of capturing their cherished moments, and it’s been a remarkable adventure right here in Greenwich, Connecticut.

From the very beginning of their journey, I’ve had the honor of witnessing and capturing their most special milestones. It all started with an engagement session that radiated with the palpable love and joy between them. The picturesque backdrop of our beautiful town provided the perfect setting for their genuine smiles and stolen glances.

As their story unfolded, I had the privilege of documenting their civil wedding ceremony – an intimate affair that echoed with promises of forever. The timelessness of the setting intertwined beautifully with the raw emotions of the day, making each photograph a treasured memory.

Fast forward to the magical moments of pregnancy and the birth of their firstborn, Austin. The anticipation, excitement, and overwhelming love that filled the air during their maternity session and subsequent newborn session were simply indescribable. Every little yawn, every tiny finger, and every serene expression were captured in exquisite detail, encapsulating the essence of new parenthood.

Over the years, our journey continued with milestone after milestone. From capturing the messy delight of cake smash sessions, to a new addition to the family with Aiden, every photograph narrated a chapter of their family’s story. The genuine laughter and playfulness that filled the air during our family sessions were an absolute delight to capture.

The story doesn’t end there. Last year, against the backdrop of vibrant fall foliage, I had the privilege of capturing the Deleary family once again. As the cool breeze rustled the leaves and the golden hues of autumn painted the scene, their love and connection remained.

The Deleary family is photographed in a Greenwich, Connecticut park for a fall family portrait session. Mom and dad hold their two young boys in their arms.
Father enjoying quality time with his two young sons, playing together and sharing joyful moments. Photographed by Karen Kahn of Looking Up Photography
Mother and son embracing in a beautiful autumn portrait, surrounded by colorful foliage and sharing a heartwarming moment together. The little boy smiles at the camera as mom smiles at him.
Young brothers in a fall portrait, laughing and playing amidst the vibrant autumn leaves, showcasing their strong bond and carefree spirit. Photographed by Karen Kahn
Family of four enjoying a cozy autumn day outdoors in Greenwich, Connecticut, parents embracing their two young sons amidst the golden fall foliage, radiating warmth and love.
Energetic dad joyfully tossing his giggling young son into the air, capturing a playful and loving father-son moment. Fall family portrait session by Looking Up Photography

Reflecting on this journey, I am reminded of the honor it is to be a part of these moments. To my friends, the Deleary family – thank you for allowing me to be a part of your story. Here’s to many more moments, laughs, and photographs to come.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for more captivating stories and unforgettable moments captured through the lens. Until next time!